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♥ Research Papers.


The research work is an assignment that a student performs independently or with a supervisor. Such academic assignments involve processing theoretical materials, testing hypotheses, conducting research, establishing patterns, and making conclusions.


Research works are difficult to create. For its implementation, to process a small amount of information from the primary source is insufficient. Although such work is not as complex as a dissertation, its structure and methodology is full-fledged study.

To get the assignment A grade, it is necessary to process a large amount of data and analyze it. You also must conduct research connected with the hypotheses, interpret the results and draw conclusions.

Difficulties in writing can arise at any of the following stages:

  • Information sources may not be enough.
  • The results are not always straightforward, and it can be hard to find enough data on the theme.
  • A large investment of time, which is always limited.

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  • Indicate additional requirements, if any.
  • Decide on deadlines.

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After receiving the order, the contractor:

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  • Selects literature.
  • Conducts research.
  • Analyzes the information received.
  • Makes conclusions.
  • Uses the results to form conclusions.

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The deadline for the assignment is set by the customer. Usually, it takes several days or weeks to write, but it is possible to issue an urgent request. The price depends on the following factors:

  • The volume of the assignment.
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  • Availability of a plan, source materials.

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It should be understood that the cost of execution will depend on several parameters, namely:

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  • The volume of an assignment.
  • Methodical requirements.

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Book /Movie Reviews

A book review is an assessment of a given content, phenomenon, object, or occasion from different types of media, for example, books, articles, or exhibitions. When the lecturer assigns you to write a book review of work that is either fiction or non-fiction, what you are supposed to do is describe some important aspects regarding the book at hand. Such aspects include:

  • the overall purpose of the book
  • the structure, and
  • the style that the original content creator uses to narrate events.

As you do this, you should base your perspectives on a wider context while relating the book to others of a similar kind. When dealing with a fictional book, you should focus on the setting of the book, its plot, characters, and the way the writer utilizes language.


Reviews are generally brief and succinct. They rarely exceed 1000 words in the case of newspapers and academic journals, although you can come across assignments that are lengthier and extended commentaries.


As much as writing reviews of a book assignments vary in terms of the tone, subject, and style, all of them, however, have some things in common. For instance, the reader gets a concise summary of the entire work, including the topic’s relevant description, purpose, and overall perspective.


Any given review also offers a critical assessment of the content involving the reviewer’s reactions towards the author’s work: was the work effective and persuasive? How did it enhance your understanding of the matter at hand?


Someone may ask you to give an opinion regarding something that you may be feeling inadequate to evaluate; this is where our writing experts come in handy if you want to write a professional book review.


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Nursing Research Paper Writing

You have to know the book that you are reviewing. The book review should not only tell what the book is all about, but it must also explain how the author was successful in what they were trying to do. Book reviews are significant assignments in helping students practice analytical reading. When reviewing a book, you have to merge the art of careful, analytical reading and that of convincing, personal response while indicating the meaning that the book is portraying to readers. Your task is generally combining your skills to describe what the book’s page contains and then analyzing how the author tried to achieve that purpose.


Describe the book to your audience, introduce the thoughts of the author to it. As you express your judgment concerning the purpose of the author, incorporate a statement of your own perception regarding their point of view. How well has the writer accomplished its purpose? Explain this in the statement and then support the judgment with enough evidence.

After you are done with the work of assessing and making your observation about the work, you can then come up with a statement that describes the objective of the review work as well as an outline that backs up the thesis. The introduction part of the review should emphasize the perspective of the book writer, and then you can build on your opinion as you continue. Are your readers so much interested in the work you are reviewing?

Then the best thing to do is, amplify the mind of the author to make the review more captivating. Otherwise, you can still explore your own opinion regarding the work of the author as long as you do not drift from the work you are reviewing. You can then organize your analysis and evaluation sections into paragraphs that address single aspects of your argument.

The conclusion part of your review is also critical. Firstly, you need to compare your argument to that of other books that address the same subject. You need to bring in other authors that have a similar opinion as you regarding the argument of the author whose book you are reviewing. Explain the book from a broader perspective.

For instance, how has it affected you? How has it changed some of your opinions on the topic? In what ways is the book relevant to your own course? Summarize the issues that the review has raised and then restate your main points and the thesis in brief if your instructor requires so.


♥ Research Proposals


Some researchers find themselves in a “catch 22” situation. They choose the topic and format of the study, in which they know little about the phenomenon being studied. However, it is expected that they will analyze the data, although the data are unknown.


However, the funding agency reviewers or proposal evaluation committee must be convinced by the researcher for the study to be allowed to continue. An acceptable proposal writing should shift away from addressing one’s concerns. Instead, it should also address the questions that might be asked by the reviewers or readers of the research proposal. The questions are relatively similar, whether it is a qualitative or quantitative study.


The research proposal needs to answer the following questions:


Why should someone be interested in the study?

Is the study formatting logical – in other words, is it achievable, credible, and thoroughly explained?

Can the researcher do the research?

These questions need to be adequately answered and can be achieved only when the researcher is practical, persuasive, make broader links, aims for crystal clarity, and plans before beginning to write. The research proposal topics should not be too narrow or too broad to ensure successful addressing of the research project objectives.

Research Proposal Writing Service

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Regardless of your discipline of research study, research proposals often follow the same basic principles concerning their format and structure. Some of the possible sections included in the proposal are the title and outline, introduction, literature review, research question, aims, methodology, work schedule, and bibliography. Sometimes the sections’ introduction and literature review can be replaced by a section called background.


The following section addresses in detail writing a research proposal in various sections.



The title needs to reflect the content and scope of the proposed study accurately. It should be a self-explanatory, concise, descriptive, eye-catching phrase. It should not contain an interrogative or absolute statement. The title can be modified as the work progresses. Still, such changes need to be communicated to the respective deans or individuals involved in the project assessment/reviewing. The outline indicates how the work is presented as listed in the table of contents.



The introduction should be clear and focused on catching the reader’s moods and arousing his/her interest in the project. It should not contain too much information, and it needs to maintain focus and relevance. This section should be short (about one or two pages). It should succinctly present the main problem or issue, identify any research gaps, aims of the research, and proposed solutions.


The research study rationale should be clear and convincing. Provide reasons why the study is needed, its potential value, and why it is mainly required at the time of the proposal. Include references to other similar studies to add credibility to the proposal. In some instances, the researcher is expected to indicate his/her motivation for undertaking that study.


The review section has to show that the proposal is solidly grounded on past work. Show comprehension of crucial studies and elucidate the extent to which the proposed study will move the field forward. It should contain an overview of key studies used.


The literature review provides the researcher with solid knowledge of the field of inquiry, the history of it, and debate around the subject. It empowers the researcher with knowledge about the areas of current interest, eminent scholars in the field, and uncover omissions, gaps, or inconsistencies in what has been published.



After the literature review, one needs to state the aim of the study, identify the research problem, and develop a question to be answered as well as the hypotheses.



The research study needs to have a clearly stated goal. This statement should not be vague and has to sum up the objective of the study. It should give a clear direction on what the researcher intends to do.


The research questions

The specific purpose is stated as a question (explanatory/descriptive study).



A tentative prediction or explanation is stated to show the specific purpose of the study by either describing the relationship between two or more variables. In descriptive research, a prediction of the answer to the research question is often stated.


At this point, you have understood what is a research proposal. The methodology section describes the basic research plan adopted by the researcher. It restates the purpose and research questions or hypotheses briefly. It describes the population and sampling technique to be used. Also, it describes the instrumentation, procedure, and time frame of the study. It also addresses the analysis criteria, validity, reliability of the methods used, as well as any assumptions made, scope, and limitations of the study. The research methods can either be qualitative (inductive) or quantitative (deductive).



Provide a report of the descriptive statistics of the sample realized from the study. Simply present the results, use tables and figures where appropriate. No explanation of the results is required in this chapter.



It provides a summary of what the researcher did and found. Briefly discusses or explain the findings by giving possible reasons for getting such results from the study undertaken.


Following this structure is one of the most difficult things while writing. That is why our company is here for you. We can deliver this paper without plagiarism and provide high-quality work, meeting all your requirements.


Writing a good research proposal is a demanding task, and it requires one to possess high caliber writing skills, intellectual and organizational capacity to conduct a critical evaluation and analysis of own and people’s research.


The researcher needs to have an intellectual curiosity combined with an intrinsic motivation to enhance his/her knowledge of the topic. Also, successful writing requires creativity and open-mindedness from the researcher to address the research topics from a novel and relevant angle substantially. The sooner one starts to develop the research proposal outline and invest time into the research subject, the more chances of producing a satisfactory paper can be gotten.


It takes time to come up with a good proposal, which often takes longer than the researcher would anticipate. This article intends to help researchers learn how to write a research proposal effectively. The following are common problems students might face during this writing process.


Lack of ideas in choosing a research topic will not add to existing knowledge. Feasible solutions include keeping an open mind, talking with supervisors or people knowledgeable in that area, or reading recommendations for further studies.

A too generic, vague, or long title that does not reflect the essence of the proposal. Remember to remain succinct, precise, and reflect upon the scope and the core of the proposal.

A confusing, overly long, or not clear introduction and the research issue or problem is often lately identified in the text. Be concise, focus, and introduce the problem early in your statements. Ensure there is clarity of the novelty and rationale of the study.

A literature review does not identify critical studies and concepts. Also, insufficient substantiation of claims and no critical analysis is a common problem. Ensure all statements made are supported, ideas flow logically, relate (rather than just list) and contrast ideas and theories. Conclude by clarifying the gap in the field.

The problem definition and study aim lack explicit links with literature and identified gaps. They are not feasible, lack detail and justification. Remember to be realistic, precise, and detailed while drawing upon the review and the identified gap.

A methodology, not detailed enough, not adequately justified, and not suitable for addressing the research objectives and problem. Show the appropriateness of the methods used to solve the problem and could achieve the goals of the study. Carefully select appropriate data collection and analysis tools as well as interpret the findings appropriately.

An incomplete, unrealistic, or absent work schedule is a common problem. Carefully consider the project tasks and develop a realistic timeline of project activities.

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As soon as you approach the finale of your academic studies at college or university, you are sure to face the need to write a dissertation. This type of academic assignment is a challenge for many students as it requires a distinct type of competencies and writing skills compared to what you used to write (e.g., essays and research papers). You will need to dedicate several months to the process of writing this work, starting from the basics, gradually moving through the manuscript, completing it chapter by chapter, and seeing your academic mastery evolve.


But aside from the thrill and excitement of such postgraduate work, you might feel frustration and uncertainty about whether you’re ready to dedicate that much time and energy to such a job. If you have a family, a job, or a heap of other priorities, it’s better to consider hiring a dissertation writing service. And the good news is that you’re already on the website of a top dissertation writing service, ready to assist you with any kind of writing.


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At this point, you may ask yourself whether you need a dissertation help service. In fact, all students need help and support with this kind of assignment as they may find such work new and unexplored, thus challenging and tricky. The major aspects of this manuscript causing challenges among students include:


Finding a relevant and researchable topic that can inform an extensive study.

Formulating manageable research questions and objectives.

Choosing the proper research object, such as the study population with specific characteristics.

Picking the suitable methods of research and instruments for data collection.

Collecting relevant, valuable data for further analysis.

Making sense of the collected data.

Tying everything in one coherent manuscript.

As you can see, this type of assignment is pretty complex, so we deliver custom dissertation service to our clients, helping them out at various stages of manuscript completion. If you’re completely confused by the task and don’t know how to start, we can include topic selection and objective/research question formulation in the online dissertation writing service.


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♥ PowerPoint Presentations


PowerPoint has been a very instrumental tool for students, especially in assignments that require presentations. It can help students to work with others collaboratively. It is most effective in cases where teamwork is needed. It allows multiple students to collaborate and share information to add to the presentation. You can as well leave notes in the comment section to reposition the initial ones. Besides, it helps to improve your audience focus during the class PowerPoint presentation by adding multimedia. The tool permits the usage of images, videos, and relevant audio sounds for the audience to participate more in the session. PowerPoint presentation is customizable to fit what has been instructed by your lecturers. Also, you may share the content on YouTube and other related channels for others who missed the presentation. All the same, using the tool has proven to be indispensable in audience presentation. That is why many lecturers provide students with instructions to present their research and findings via a PowerPoint presentation. However, it has never been easy for most college students. Not all are in a position to create their slides effectively. Although it seems easy to use a PowerPoint presentation, it is quite the opposite during its development. As a student, you need to have mastered the tools and how to apply them accordingly. A student must learn timing, use of colors, type of font, and amount of content per slide, among others. It’s where the challenge always occurs. Nonetheless, experts are available to help with a PowerPoint presentation for students. They have all the skills required to provide clients with a PowerPoint presentation on time and of good quality.



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All-time service deliveries

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