Devry POLI330 Week 8 Final Exam

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Devry POLI330 Week 8 Final Exam


POLI330 Political Science

Week 8 Final Exam

Question 1(TCO
1) During the consolidation stage of totalitarian development, what do
revolutionary leaders attempt to do?

Reach a consensus with rival factions and
form a broad-based coalition.

Begin the immediate transformation of

Eliminate real or imagined rivals for power
and place loyal associates in key posts.

Calm the public by ending the violence that
marked the revolutionary stage.

Reinterpret the past and attribute any
failures to a clearly identifiable enemy.

Question 2(TCO 1) Which former totalitarian
system currently features a hybrid known as “state capitalism”?



Soviet Union

North Korea


Question 3(TCO 1) Which of the following most
significantly accelerated the “values divide” between liberals and

The election of Ronald Reagan

The rise of the KKK

The Fiscal Cliff

The war on terror

The election of Barack Obama

Question 4(TCO 1) Which of the following would
favor a public assistance program, cuts in military spending, more regulation
of business and industry, and a progressive tax system?






Question 5(TCO 1) What government agency
promotes and preserves media competition in the United States?

Federal Communications Commission

Department of Commerce

Federal Bureau of Inventions

Federal Television Commission

Justice Department

Question 6(TCO 1) What is the first exercise
in democracy for students in the U.S.?

Playing sports

Studying the nation’s history

Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance

Electing or becoming class officers

Speaking out against school policies that
seem unfair

Question 7(TCO 2) Least developed countries
have all of the following problems in common EXCEPT


political instability.

ethnic conflict.



Question 8(TCO 5) Who serves as Britain’s Head
of State?

The Prime Minister

The President

The Queen

The House of Lords

The House of Commons

Question 9(TCO 5) What element of the Israeli
and British parliamentary systems distinguishes them from most other
parliamentary democracies?

A dual executive

The lack of a written constitution

A mixed regime

The existence of a loyal opposition

The enforcement of strict party discipline

Question 10(TCO 2) Which of the following
transitional states has the most powerful economy?



South Korea

Czech Republic


Question 11(TCO 5) The U.S. Congress and
British Parliament both have all of these powers in common EXCEPT the ability

pass or defeat legislation.

confirm new cabinet members.

bring down the executive office with a vote
of no confidence.

play an oversight role.

levy taxes. control budgets.

Question 12(TCO 3) What is a major criticism
of the winner-take-all electoral system?

It emphasizes political parties at the
expense of individual candidates.

It limits voter choice and makes it
impossible for minor parties to compete in elections.

It causes a pronounced tendency toward party

It makes forming a national consensus more

It encourages the emergence of single-issue
splinter parties.

Question 13(TCO 4) Which statement about
health care in the United States is FALSE?

Health care facilities in the U.S. are among
the best in the world.

U.S. citizens spend more on medical expenses
than people in other countries.

The federal government spends less on medical
research than other modern nations.

The Affordable Care Act was upheld as
constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Federal government expenses for Medicare and
Medicaid exceed those related to defense.

Question 14(TCO 3) According to the delegate
theory of representation,

officials should act according to the views
of the electorate.

focus groups are of little use.

politicians should let their conscience guide
them in making decisions.

only the most intelligent members of society
should serve in leadership roles.

opinion is only a barometer, to be used as
the legislator sees fit.

Question 15(TCO 4) When can government outlaw
religious practices?

If the religion is not approved beforehand

If the religion is too small

If the religion moves overseas

If the religion poses a threat to society

If the religion obscures or misinterprets the
words of God

Question 16(TCO 3) What did Thomas Hobbes
believe was the main responsibility for government to provide?

Prosperity in moderation

Justice for all

Safety from harm

Racial equality

Limited privacy

Question 17(TCO 3) What event ended — albeit
briefly — the long-term trend of political apathy in the U.S.?

The 2008-2009 recession

The terrorist attacks of 9/11

The war in Iraq

The invasion of Afghanistan

The 2012 reelection of Barack Obama

Question 18(TCO 6) In the Western tradition,
what does the broad meaning of “justice” involve?

Questions of proper punishment for violations
of the law

Questions of who should be elected

Questions of distribution

Questions of power

Questions of protection

Question 19(TCO 6) What term does Walden Two
use to describe good health, a minimum of unpleasant labor, and a chance to
exercise your talents and true leisure?

Political equality

The good life

Behavioral freedom

Scientific society

Personal nirvana

20(TCO 9) Revolutionaries differ from terrorists in that

revolutionaries never resort to violence.

terrorists seek to overthrow the government
in existing circumstances.

terrorists show concern for the innocent.

revolutionaries see terror as a tactic, not a

revolutionaries seek to change the

Question 21(TCO 9) What form of government is
most vulnerable to terrorism?






Question 22(TCO 8) What term was used to
describe America’s foreign policy towards Russia and Communism during the Cold

Structural rigidity

Balance of power

Military consensus


Marshall Plan

23(TCO 8) The Monroe Doctrine is an example of what type of foreign policy?


Status quo




Question 24(TCO 9) State-sponsored terrorism
is defined as terrorism that

occurs within a country by people who are not
connected to the government.

is international in focus and helped by an
established government.

involves groups from different countries
cooperating with each other.

involves the governments, interests and
people of more than one country.

is defined by a government’s use of its
security forces to subdue or intimidate its own people.

Question 25(TCO 9) What tool does the U. S.
government use to broaden the definition of who is a terrorist and grant broad
powers to the Attorney General?

USA Patriot Act

United Nations

NATO Coalition

Kyoto Accords

Department of Homeland Security

26(TCO 9) What did Rousseau believe was the cause of war?

Religion and intolerance

Society and private property

Psychology and survival instincts

Nationalism and hatred

Moral relativism

Question 27(TCO 9) Who are the most common
victims of terrorism?

Political leaders

Innocent civilians



Members of the military or security services

28(TCO 5) Compare and contrast the selection of the Prime Minister and Monarch
in the UK with the selection of the US President and how this selection
influences their roles.

Question 29
(TCO 7) Describe what economic factors distinguish a conservative, liberal, and
socialist in the United States.

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