ENG 356 Week 1 to 8 Assignment, Discussion Question GCU

ENG 356 Week 1 to 8 Assignment, Discussion Question GCU

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ENG 356 Week 1 Topic 1 DQ 1
We read about critical reading in Reading and Writing about Literature. How does one apply critical reading to short fiction and to short nonfiction pieces? Discuss two differences in approach and application of critical reading skills.ENG 356 Week 1 Topic 1 DQ 2
Apply the seven elements of fiction as outlined in chapter 5 of Reading and Writing About Literature to Edgar Allen Poe’s review, “The Importance of the Single Effect in a Prose Tale.” Determine whether or not Poe addressed all seven elements or if not, what do you see as lacking in his review?https://masterlynursingessays.com/eng-356-week-1-to-8-assignment-discussion-question-gcu/

ENG 356 Week 1 Assignment Elements of Fiction
After carefully reading, “The Elements of Fiction” in The Story and Its Writer, choose three of the elements of fiction, such as character, setting, plot, point of view, or style, and analyze in a 750-1,000-word essay how these three elements of fiction contribute to the overall theme (discussed in Appendix 2) in Washington Irving’s story, “Rip Van Winkle.”

Additionally, assert your view of the story’s theme (or central message), as well as how these three elements successfully convey that theme to readers.

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ENG 356 Week 2 Topic 2 DQ 1
Analyze Poe’s use of suspense in “The Cask of Amontillado” and “Ligeia.” What narrative devices does Poe use, in both stories, to heighten the suspense? What do these stories suggest about the human spirit and condition?

ENG 356 Week 2 Topic 2 DQ 2
An allegory is a narrative that has an extended dual meaning. One meaning resides in the literal action and plot of the story and another meaning, just as significant, resides in the ideas, values, or messages these actions are intended to convey. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” is interesting both on its surface level of action and plot on its deeper, more symbolic level. Notice how the central characters of “Goodman” (a generic Puritan term meaning “gentleman”) and “Faith” represent abstract qualities. How does this story, with its emphasis on the dark undercurrent of evil in this seemingly tranquil New England town, function as a moral allegory?

ENG 356 Week 2 Assignment Essay on Romanticism in Poe
Based on the Topic 2 Lecture and the discussion of “Literary Romanticism and the Short Story,” respond to the following in a 500-word essay about the two Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories assigned in Topic 2:

How do they display or fulfill the central characteristics of Romanticism?

If they deviate from these characteristics, point that out and explain where they differ from the characteristics of Romanticism.

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ENG 356 Week 2 Assignment Thesis Statements for Three Short Stories
Choose at least three assigned short stories from the Topic 2 Readings and attempt to develop a narrow, assertive thesis statement for each story (for a total of three thesis statements).

For each story chosen, do the following:

State your chosen topic (see The Story and Its Writer, Appendix 4).
Explain the story’s theme (see The Story and Its Writer, Appendix 4).
Write one paragraph in which you analyze the relationship between the stated topic and the stated theme (see The Story and Its Writer, Appendix 4).
Develop your final thesis statement for the story, based on your analysis of the topic and theme. Review The Story and Its Writer “Writing about Short Stories” and the Topic 2 Lecture to make sure that your thesis is sufficiently narrow, assertive, and unique.

ENG 356 Week 3 Topic 3 DQ 1

Discuss the relationship between the central character (protagonist) and the natural world in Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat.” What does this character learn about himself and about his environment through his encounters with the natural world? Based upon this famous example of literary naturalism, how would you define the naturalistic view of humanity’s relationship with the physical world?

ENG 356 Week 3 Topic 3 DQ 2
Write a short critique about Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper.” Address the assumptions: “literary texts mirror gender and societal attitudes about gender” and “oppression of women as a historical fact.”

ENG 356 Week 3 Applying Literary Criticism to a Short Story
After carefully reading the topic 3 Lecture and Appendix 5 in the The Story and Its Writer, choose one form of literary criticism (formalist, psychological, reader-response, etc.) and apply it to one of the short stories assigned during Topic 3.

In a 750-1,000-word essay, discuss how your chosen type of criticism would enlarge a reader’s understanding of the story and explain how at least three specific passages of the story could be interpreted using this form of criticism.

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ENG 356 Week 4 Topic 4 DQ 1
In literary criticism, the word “epiphany” refers to a moment in which a character experiences a sudden, life-changing revelation about the true nature of something (often this can be an aspect of his or her character). These moments of insight are usually prompted by something seemingly trivial or commonplace, but they result in a radical change of perception on the part of the character. Consider either James Joyce’s “Araby” or “The Dead” and explain how the central character in either of these stories experiences an epiphanic moment. What does the protagonist learn about himself, about another person, or about life, and how does this experience and gained insight change him?

ENG 356 Week 4 Topic 4 DQ 2
In Katherine Mansfield’s short story “Bliss,” does the character Bertha truly have “everything” as she insists? Explain and then share at least three significant details in the story that reveal aspects of Bertha’s character and life to you

ENG 356 Week 4 Assignment Symbolism in Hemingway
Literary Modernism is often associated with a highly symbolic portrayal of human experience, including people’s thoughts and emotions, through the use of concrete, visual images. Analyze the symbolism contained in Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” in order to uncover the story’s possible thematic meaning(s). For instance, consider carefully images such as the setting between two rail lines; the dry, barren hills; the green fields of grain and trees; the suggestion of “white elephants” (something both precious and useless in some Eastern cultures); the images of alcohol, etc.

How do these visual symbols and images help a reader understand the man, the woman, and the nature of their conflict? Write a response to the question in a 500-750-word essay.

ENG 356 Week 5 Topic 5 DQ 1
Apply the elements of regional fiction (dialect; authentic speech patterns; regional diction; specific, concrete imagery; and specific, regional settings) to the Richard Wright story, “The Man Who Was Almost a Man.” Provide one example of each of the elements.

ENG 356 Week 5 Topic 5 DQ 2
Thinking about the categories of local color and regional fiction, how would you say that Zora Neale Hurston’s “Spunk” reflects the qualities found in the two categories? Give three specific examples from the story.

ENG 356 Week 5 Assignment  Regional Southern Fiction Analysis
How can the two stories by Flannery O’Connor be seen as examples of “local color” or “regional” Southern fiction? To what extent are the stories dependent on their specific Southern settings? To what extent do the stories’ characters and themes transcend these settings? Pay close attention to elements of regional fiction such as dialect, authentic speech patterns, regional diction, specific, concrete imagery, and specific, regional settings. Respond in an essay of 750-1,000 words.

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ENG 356 Week 6 Topic 6 DQ 1
In Grace Paley’s “A Conversation with my Father,” both the narrator and her father have specific conceptions of truth. Describe both characters’ conceptions of truth and discuss what comment the story seems to make about these versions of truth. Does the story itself seem to privilege one conception over the other? Explain.

ENG 356 Week 6 Topic 6 DQ 2
In Raymond Carver’s essay, “On Writing,” (in “The Story and its
Writer”) he states: “too often ‘experimentation’ [in writing] is a
license… to try to brutalize or alienate the reader. Too often such writing gives us no news of the world, or else describes a desert landscape and that’s all ― a few dunes and lizards here and there, but no people; a place uninhabited by anything recognizably human, a place of interest only to a few scientific specialists.” What extent does this critique of some forms of Postmodern fiction, those in which the authors are apparently more concerned with linguistic innovation than with conveying anything seemingly real or significant to a reader, apply to the fiction assigned in the Topic 6 Readings? Choose two of the assigned readings and explain why this critique does or does not apply to these works.

ENG 356 Week 6 Assignment Analysis Paper Outline
In a formal or informal sketch outline, list the major assertions and subtopics of your paper that you will complete in Topic 8.  Please check your options for this paper in the Topic 8 assignment. This outline should form the basic structure for your research paper, but you may find that you change or modify the paper or outline in your actual writing and revision.

The outline should, minimally, contain the following elements:

A creative, unique title for your paper.
A statement of your thesis at the top.
Parallel topics and subtopics.
Complete sentences, unless phrases are clear.
At least two sub-categories for each paragraph topic listed.
A conventional system of numbers and letters (I.A.1.a., etc.).

ENG 356 Week 7 Topic 7 DQ 1
In Tan’s “Two Kinds,” how typical is Tan’s depiction of the mother-daughter, or generational, conflict? Is the story meant to be primarily about the Asian-American experience or is it meant to be more universal?

ENG 356 Week 7 Topic 7 DQ 2
Compare and contrast the mother-daughter relationship in Tillie Olsen’s “I Stand Here Ironing” and Amy Tan’s “Two Kinds.” The mother narrates Olsen’s story, while the daughter narrates Tan’s. How are these two relationships similar and different? How does the depiction of these relationships contribute to the stories’ themes?

In “Everyday Use,” Alice Walker analyzes the complexities associated with race, class, gender, and society. Similar to James Baldwin, Walker uses her unique, narrative style to explore the “ambiguity and irony found in Negro life,” especially in regards to sibling relationships and the outside forces that attempt to destroy the bond.

Compare and contrast how Baldwin’s and Walker’s characters use this connection as the means to sort through their ‘inner blues.’ Respond in an essay of 750-1,000 words.

ENG 356 Week 8 Topic 8 DQ 1
In “Madman,” what evidence supports Chinua Achebe’s view that there are different forms and degrees of “madness?”

ENG 356 Week 8 Topic 8 DQ 2
Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s story, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings,” blends magical realism with a simple, straightforward style of writing. In the story, Marquez incorporates satire, irony, and humor, while also addressing serious and somewhat dark themes and topics. Choose two or three key elements of Marquez’s style (humor, magical realism, irony, satire, metaphor, etc.). How do these literary techniques help him to convey the story’s possible central theme or message?

ENG 356 Week 8 Assignment Analysis Paper
Using the outline you developed, produce a final draft of the Analysis Paper.
In a carefully constructed paper of 1,800-2,000 words (six to seven pages), respond to one of the following topics. Make sure that the essay has a focused, narrow, assertive thesis, and that it contains abundant textual support for all sub-assertions and claims (direct quotations, paraphrases, or summaries). You can write on a particular writer or story only once in the semester.

Topic One: Analysis of Style in Relation to Theme – Choose one or two assigned short stories and analyze how specific elements of fiction, such as symbolism, imagery, setting, characterization, plot structure, or language contribute to the story’s central theme (e.g., imagery of light, vision, and beauty in “Araby”). Make sure you explain how and why, and make your thesis very specific and unique (do not merely present a statement of fact about the story or stories).
Topic Two: Biographical Analysis of a Story or Stories – Choose two short stories by the same author and explain how specific information about the author’s biography further elucidates or clarifies those short stories. Using credible, scholarly sources, research the author’s life, and focus on one specific aspect of that author’s life (religious background, education, specific experiences abroad or in specific schools, etc.) and on how that aspect of the author’s life provides further insight into how and why the author chose specific themes or literary techniques.
Topic Three: Comparison and Contrast – Choose two or more assigned short stories and compare and contrast their unique presentations of particular topics such as war, death, marriage (e.g., compare and contrast the treatment of marriage in “The Story of
an Hour” and “The Yellow Wallpaper.” A student essay about the topic is in chapter 5 of Reading and Writing about Literature). Compare emphasizes the similarities between two or more items. Contrast underscores differences.
Topic Four: The Application of a Literary Critical Model to a Short Story – Apply a specific method of literary criticism to one or two short stories in an attempt to further
elucidate or enlarge a reader’s understanding of the story or stories (e.g., “The Story of an Hour,” “I Stand Here Ironing,” “The Yellow Wallpaper,” etc.).

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