Nursing Role And Scope

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Nursing Role And Scope

Nursing Role And Scope

Nursing Role And Scope










Personal Philosophy of Nursing


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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Do not write the word ‘Introduction’ at the top. In this introductory paragraph, comprehensively address this statement – I chose nursing as my profession because nursing is……. For the remainder of the paper you will address each heading (APA Level 1) provided below. You will delete all red instructions and leave the headings intact. This assignment does NOT require an abstract!

Core and Focus of Nursing

Begin each section as a formal paragraph indenting the first line with subsequent lines flush left. Always indent paragraphs 5-7 spaces or 0.5”. You can simply hit the “tab” key on your keyboard and it will automatically move it the right spaces for you. Or, you can use the paragraph tool above. Discuss what you believe is the core and focus of nursing care? Include reference to the Keiser University BSN Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) of Care Coordination; Research and Translation; Advocacy and Policy; and Information Management. How are they demonstrated in practice? Do not refer specifically to Keiser University. Just include how these learning outcomes are demonstrated in your work as a nurse. Provide an example for each to further support.

Personal Vision of Nursing

In this section, reflect on the following

· nursing as a profession,

· what it means to be a nurse,

· nursing’s history, and

· the importance of lifelong learning.

· Include the metaparadigm nursing concepts of person, health, environment, and nursing and correlate the values, beliefs, and ethical standards of the nursing profession to your personal philosophy of nursing. Also consider how your personal beliefs and values affect nursing practice.

Nursing Theory in Practice

In this section present which nursing theorist and their work is best represented in your personal nursing practice. Provide an example of how it is demonstrated.

Personal Philosophy of Nursing with Patients and Patient’s Family

In this section, reflect on your personal view of nursing practice as it relates to patients and their families.

Personal Philosophy of Nursing and My Health Care Professional Colleagues

In this section, reflect on your personal view of nursing practice as it relates to relationships with health care colleagues (all) including collaboration and team work.

Personal Philosophy of Nursing and My Own Health

In this section, reflect on your personal view and beliefs about your own health and how it might relate to nursing practice. Discuss caring for self and what that means!


A paper’s conclusion should “wrap-up” and summarize the main points of your paper. Review the main points of each heading of your paper and summarize them to remind your readers of their importance (being careful not to restate them exactly). Subsequently, make a final point for the reader to think about without bringing up a whole new topic.






References go on a new page and is formatted as the examples demonstrated below. Utilize the “page break” function.

References require hanging indentations which means the first line of each reference is at the left margin and the subsequent lines in each reference is indented 0.5 inches.

Format your reference page by clicking on the little arrow in the Paragraph group found on the Home tab. In the ‘Paragraph dialog box’ under Special: use the dropdown and click on Hanging and it will automatically format the indentation by 0.5 inches.

Then, go down to Line spacing: and choose ‘Double’ and at the bottom click OK. Be sure to not double/double-space between each reference. The references should be uniformly double spaced.

It is your responsibility to italicizecapitalizeparenthesize, and punctuate according to APA rules. Please refer to your APA 7th edition Manual and the APA Tutorial/Quick Guide.

After you have entered all the sources you have cited in your document, alphabetize the list of sources clicking the “Sort” button (the AZ on the top line of the “Paragraph” portion on your ribbon). You will sort Paragraphs by Text in Ascending order.

Remember to include at least one nursing, scholarly journal article and reference from one of the ANA Essential texts (Scope and Standards, Code of Ethics, or Social Policy). Additional sources should be professional nursing sources such as the course text or another journal article.

Please see pages 58 and 66 of the APA Manual (7th ed.). This is what your reference page should look like. Contact your faculty instructor if you have any questions about this Personal Philosophy Paper.

Your references need to be in alphabetical order. Please be sure to check your spelling!

Remove all red instructions. You can convert the two examples below to black font color and use them IF you paraphrased and cited information from them in your philosophy (a good idea!).


Black, B. P. (2020). Professional nursing: Concepts and challenges (9th ed.). Elsevier.

Fowler, M. D. M. (2015). Guide to the code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements: Development, interpretation, and application (2nd ed.). American Nurses Association.

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