Physical Signs of Child Abuse Evidenced Based Nursing Paper

Physical Signs of Child Abuse Evidenced Based Nursing Paper

Physical Signs of Child Abuse Evidenced Based Nursing Paper

  1. Using a PIO (population/intervention/outcome) or PICO (population/intervention/comparison/outcome), ask a practice-based question. With this question in mind, search the literature for evidence to answer your inquiry. You must have at least 3 research articles to analyze.
  2. At the completion of your search, review the most relevant articles (at least 3) to evaluate the evidence for your practice problem. Write up a short narrative summary of each research article including the purpose, sample, design, procedure and findings (DO NOT COPY AND PASTE FROM THE ARTICLE). Discuss the level of evidence.…
  3. Apply the evidence: Discuss how the findings from the research. How can these findings be applied to the area of practice or as an intervention? What can the nurse do to improve current practice regarding this issue in the clinical environment? What are the barriers or obstacles to applying the findings to practice?
  4. You will write up your findings including the following:
    1. Briefly discuss topic area
    2. Ask the PIO or PICO question for your area of concern
    3. Critically analyze the evidence/literature – (you should have at least 3 references to review).DO NOT USE A TABLE FORMAT – MUST BE NARRATIVE.
    4. Apply the evidence: What are the nursing implications? See #4 above)
    5. References
    6. Approximately 7-10 pages (body of paper). In your text book there are many examples ofevidence based practice applications (See page 261 and 282 for examples). RUBRIC
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