Walden NURS6501 Week 2 Quiz

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Walden NURS6501 Week 2 Quiz


1. A
40-year-old female is diagnosed with SLE.
Which of the following findings would be considered a symptom of this

2. When
trying to distinguish between an infectious disease and noninfectious disease,
what is the hallmark symptom for most infectious diseases?

3. A
30-year-old female complains of fatigue, arthritis, rash, and changes in urine
color. Laboratory testing reveals
anemia, lymphopenia, and kidney inflammation.
Assuming a diagnosis of SLE, which of the following is also likely to be

4. Tinea
corporis (ringworm) is a __________ infection of the skin.

5. A
5-year-old female takes a hike through the woods during a school field
trip. Upon returning home, she hugs her
father, and he later develops poison ivy.
Which of the following immune reactions is he experiencing?

6. A patient
has chicken pox. How does the varicella

7. A
46-year-old male presents with severe pain, redness, and tenderness in the
right big toe. He was diagnosed with
gouty arthritis. He is at risk for

8. After
studying about viruses, which information indicates the study has a good understanding
of viruses? Viruses:

9. Rubella,
rubeola, and roseola are common communicable diseases caused by _______

10. A
46-year-old male presents with severe pain, redness, and tenderness in the
right big toe. He was diagnosed with
gouty arthritis. The symptoms he
experienced are caused by the crystallization of _______ within the synovial

11. A
34-year-old female was recently diagnosed with RA. Physical examination revealed that
inflammation started in the:

12. A
5-year-old female develops chickenpox after exposure at her day care center. This disease is caused by:

13. When a
nurse cares for a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), the nurse
remembers this disease is an example of

14. The
incidence of fractures of the pelvis is highest in

15. When
bacterial pathogens enter a patient’s body, they can defend themselves form an
immune response by:

16. Which
patient will develop active immunity? A patient who:

17. When
histamine is released in the body, which of the following responses would the
nurse expect?

18. Which of
the following individuals would be at greatest risk for an opportunistic

19. A
10-year-old male is stung by a bee while playing in the yard. He begins itching and develops pain,
swelling, redness, and respiratory difficulties. He is suffering from:

20. Which of
the following hormones activates adrenergic receptors?

21. Exhaustion
occurs if stress continues and ______ is not successful.

22. A
65-year-old female is diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. She developed muscle wasting. Which of the following substances would be
produced in large quantities to eliminate the tumor cells and cause muscle

23. A
45-year-old male presents with persistent, severe stomach pain. Testing reveals a peptic ulcer. Further laboratory tests reveal the presence
of Helicobater pylori. Which of the
following is a concern for this patient?

24. A 30-year-old
female presents to her primary care provider reporting fatigue, excessive
sweating, and increased appetite.
Physical examination reveals protruding eyes, and laboratory testing
reveals hyperthyroidism secondary to autoantibody production. This disorder falls into the category of type
____________ hypersensitivity.

25. A patient
has a tissue growth that was diagnosed as cancer. Which of the following terms best describes
this growth?

26. After
teaching about stress, which information indicates a correct understanding of

27. A
50-year-old female experiences decreased blood pressure, decreased oxygen
delivery, cardiovascular shock, and subsequent death. A complication of endotoxic shock is
suspected. Which of the following is the
most likely cause?

28. A patient
presents with poison ivy on the extremities, face, and buttocks. This condition is an example of:

29. While
planning care, a nurse recalls seasonal allergic rhinitis is expressed through:

30. Stress
induces sympathetic stimulation of the adrenal medulla. This causes the secretions of catecholamines,
which include:

31. A child
fell off the swing and scraped the right knee.
The injured area becomes painful.
What else will the nurse observe upon assessment?

32. Which of
the following patients would be at greatest risk for basal cell carcinoma?

33. A
35-year-old male is diagnosed with a hormone-secreting tumor of the adrenal
medulla. He experiences elevated blood
pressure, pupil dilation, “goose bumps,” and increased anxiety. Which of the following hormones is the
predominant one released by the tumor?

34. A
5-month-old child is admitted to the hospital with recurring respiratory
infections. A possible cause of this
condition is:

35. A
30-year-old male is having difficulty breathing and has been spitting
blood. He reports that he began
experiencing this reaction after cleaning his pigeons’ cages. Testing reveals he is suffering from allergic
alveolitis. Which of the following is he

36. A
35-year-old male is diagnosed with lobar pneumonia (lung infection). Which of the following g exudates would be
present in highest concentration at the site of this advanced inflammatory

37. An infant
develops a fever secondary to a bacterial infection. Which of the following most likely triggered
the fever?

38. A
30-year-old female is diagnosed with cancer.
Testing reveals that the cancer cells have spread to local lymph
nodes. A nurse realizes this cancer
would be documented as stage:

39. When a
patient asks the nurse what hypersensitivity is, how should the nurse
respond? Hypersensitivity is best
defined as:

40. A 3-year-old is making play cakes in a
sandbox and is eating play cakes. The
sand was also being used by cats as a litter box and was contaminated with
toxoplasmosis. Which of the following
would most likely also be present?

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