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Walden SOCW6200 Full Course Latest


SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 1 Discussion

DQ1 Minute Video:
Environmental Influences

individual’s environment is composed of several distinct areas, each with its
own explicit and implicit rules. Environments include, but are not limited to,
family, school, work, community, religious groups, and friends. For children
and adolescents, the environment can have a particularly strong impact upon
behavior. Understanding the relationship between one’s environment and one’s
behavior is essential to becoming an effective social worker. For this
Discussion, consider the most influential elements of your social environment.

Record and
upload, by Day 3, a 2-minute video that includes the following:

Your name

geographic location

explanation of your current environment

explanation of two elements in your current social environment that most
influence you

description of how the two most influential elements impact you

DQ2 Why Is
HBSE Relevant to Social Work?

The types
of issues and concerns that children, and adolescents, present to social
workers are as varied as the people themselves. Understanding how individuals
behave in their particular environment will shed some light on their current
challenges, but this alone is not enough. Social workers must know how to ask
the right questions, as the answers will inform decisions about which resources
may be most helpful.

For this
Discussion, think about the connections between social work and human behavior
and consider why it is relevant to social work practice.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 2 Discussion

Parenting and
Substance Abuse

As a social
worker, you will meet children and adolescents who are in complicated family
situations and may require a variety of resources for support. There are many
times when these situations involve drug abuse, domestic violence, child abuse,
and/or neglect. If these factors are present within a child’s or adolescent’s
environment, it will impact their development. As mandated reporters, social
workers are legally required to report any suspicion they have of child abuse
or neglect to local authorities in an effort to ensure a healthier environment
within which they can grow.

For this
Discussion, review the case study “Working With Clients With Addictions: The
Case of Barbara and Jonah.” Consider this week’s reading in the Learning Resources.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 3 Discussion

and Child Development

For this
Discussion, watch this week’s Sessions episode on the Hernandez Family.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 5 Discussion

Across Development

about psychological, biological, and social development across the lifespan is
essential to competent, ethical practice. To prepare for the final project, in
which you write up and analyze a biopsychosocial assessment, begin thinking
about how you will apply concepts of human behavior and the social environment
that you are learning in this course. This assignment supports that process by
asking you to engage in self-reflection and consider how the material you have
engaged with in the past 4 weeks applies to you. Using the Kultura Media tool,
you will video record your response to the assignment questions.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 6 Discussion

Dalia’s Behavior

behavior, engagement in physical altercations, and evidence of mood swings can
all indicate that an adolescent is experiencing anger and depression.
Self-harming can surface in adolescents, too, as they experience difficult
emotions. For this Discussion, read the case study of Dalia and consider what
you, as her social worker, would do if you observed self-harm indicators.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 7 Discussion

DQ1 Moral Development
Theory and Bullying

Bullying is
not a new phenomenon, but social media and communication technologies have
introduced a breadth and depth to which public shaming, targeted taunting, and
bullying have manifested. For this Discussion, consider how bullying has
changed and how it has remained the same in light of modern technology.

Bullying: Cycle of Events

witness to trauma has its own set of consequences. Watching repeated episodes
of bullying can evoke strong emotional and behavioral responses from an
adolescent. During the impressionable stage of social development in
adolescents, these experiences can contribute to a change in perception about
the ways people should and do treat each other. Furthermore, ongoing exposure
to this behavior can jeopardize an adolescent’s healthy social development. For
this Discussion, consider how the act of bullying experienced by one adolescent
may change the experience of another who witnesses it.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 8 Discussion

of HBSE to Engagement, Assessment and Intervention

workers are expected to apply knowledge of human behavior and the social
environment, person?in environment, and other multi-disciplinary theoretical
frameworks during stages of engagement, assessment, intervention, and
evaluation when practicing in the field. This discussion is intended to help
you demonstrate and develop your critical thought related to these practice
behaviors. If you have not already done so, begin working on your final project.
The final project asks you to choose a case study on an adolescent from this
course (e.g., Dalia, Eboni Logan, or Diane). Decide which case study you plan
to use and begin working on Part A of the final project.

For this
discussion, you use the Kultura Media tool to video record your response to the
assignment questions. Your instructor will provide feedback to help guide your

To prepare:
Review the instructions for the final project.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 9 Discussion

DQ1 Myths
of Sexual Violence

Myths and
misinformation surround the topic of sexual violence. For years, these myths
have hung around the discourse, further muddying an already difficult topic
about which to communicate. Although all myths can be harmful, there are some
that may be arguably more harmful. For this Discussion, you identify some of
the myths surrounding the topic of sexual abuse and consider why they have
remained so prevalent.

Bystander Intervention

fact from fiction is imperative when learning how to recognize and respond
appropriately, and effectively, to victim/survivors, and bystanders/witnesses,
of sexual violence. Although a large majority of sexual assaults do not happen
in public settings, in some cases, they do. This is when it is important to
understand the experience of the bystander. Bystander intervention can help to
explain how, when, and where these kinds of assaults take place; at times, it
may even prevent the assault from happening. For this week’s Discussion, watch
the video case study of Talia. Locate research on bystander intervention by
Victoria L. Banyard and/or Sarah McMahon.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 10 Discussion

Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression

Think about
the moment in which you became aware of your sexual orientation. Do you recall making a conscious choice to be
gay or straight? Some believe that gender identity and sexual expression is a
choice, or more likely, that “people choose to be gay.” The counter to that
belief is that one does not “choose” his or her sexual orientation; it simply
is. This week you consider how people’s reactions to someone’s gender identity
or sexual orientation impacts his or her environment and experience.When
adolescents question their sexual orientation or gender identity, they
encounter various reactions from individuals in their environment. For this
Discussion, consider how people’s reactions to someone’s gender identity or
sexual orientation may impact his or her environment and experience.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 11 Discussion

of Suicide

stress levels, feeling hopeless and alone, being bullied, or experiencing
repeated physical or sexual abuse could all be reasons why some adolescents
consider suicide. Adolescent suicide has far-reaching consequences on families,
friends, communities, and schools. For this Discussion, use the Parker Family
case study to consider the indicators of suicide. While Stephanie is now an
adult talking about her experience as a youth, image how you would have
responded to her at the time she tried to kill herself in adolescence. Also
think about how you might react to students in this situation if you were a
social worker in a school.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 2 Assignment

Laws and Ethical Considerations

For social
workers, the potential conflict between personal and professional ethics can be
a source of great contention. Abortion is a highly politicized and contested
topic. It is also one that reflects great diversity in terms of opinion,
personal and professional ethics, and legal stances varying from state to
state. For this Assignment, consider the topic of abortion, the laws of
abortion that exist in the state or country in which you reside, and your own
opinions on the topic. Also consider the relationship between your personal and
professional ethical stance on the topic and how that may affect your interactions
with clients.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 3 Assignment

Analysis of
Development Theories

social workers are able to construct a strong foundation upon which to build
skills by understanding theories from a variety of disciplines. The disciplines
of psychology, education, and sociology offer a number of development theories
that can easily be applied to the practice of social work. For this Assignment,
consider how a theory from another discipline may shed light on social work
practice with children and adolescents.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 4 Assignment

Child Abuse
and Neglect

emotional, and sexual abuse can have a devastating impact on a child and his or
her family members. Social workers need to understand how to recognize and
respond to cases of abuse expertly and efficiently. With an empathetic and
helpful social worker, victims/survivors of abuse can take their first step
onto the long road toward healing. For this Assignment, read the case study
Working With Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Trauma: The Case of Brandon and then
consider what you would do if you were a social worker and had to report a
parent of suspected child abuse.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 5 Assignment


idealizing thinness, pressure from peers to fit in, and constant images of
bodily perfection shown by mass media, along with additional physiological and
psychological factors, can combine to create the perfect storm for adolescents
struggling with eating disorders. For this Assignment, choose one peer-reviewed
research study about eating disorders that focuses on a minority group of
adolescents. Consider connections between physiological development,
adolescence, and eating disorders.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 6 Assignment

and Responding to Those Who Self-Harm

For some
adolescents, experiencing physical pain becomes a regular practice for managing
psychological pain. Whether used as a coping mechanism, a way to express anger,
or to deal with intense emotional pain, self-harming is often a call for help.

In school
settings, faculty and staff are charged with protecting students, but how can they
protect those students who choose to harm themselves? The importance of
educators understanding the circumstances, causes, and effects of self-harming
behavior so they can respond quickly and effectively cannot be overstated. For
this Assignment, consider your role as a social worker and think about how you
would raise awareness for educators to respond to this increasing maladaptive
coping mechanism.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 8 Assignment

Knowledge and Research

In order to
provide the appropriate intervention, social workers first need to have
conducted a thorough assessment. Having a comprehensive understanding of a
client and their social environment, including the influence of racism and
ethnocentrism, allows a social worker to accurately identify the presenting
problems and help the client develop goals to address their needs. Not
completing a full assessment may result in inaccurately identifying the
presenting problem and pushing goals on the client to which they do not agree.
A good assessment is the best foundation for treatment planning.

addition, evidence based practice requires social workers to use the best
available evidence to inform their practice decisions. This assignment helps
you prepare for the final project by beginning to identify the presenting
problem and possible goals, as well as beginning the research process to inform
your treatment recommendations when working with the identified client in a
case study.

To prepare:
Conduct research in the Walden library to locate at least 1 peer-reviewed
scholarly resource(s) that could inform your assessment or intervention with
the case you plan to use in your final project.

SOCW6200 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Module 10 Project


Assessing a
client’s biological, psychological, and social history is a holistic approach
that is an essential aspect of social work practice. Since one area often
affects the other two, it is important to get as accurate an assessment as
possible when working with a client. Social workers use the bio-psycho-social
tool to communicate specific information, and possible conclusions, about a
client to other professionals. It is, at once, a summary of current issues and
problems; a listing of past factors that may be relevant to the current
situation; and a description of potential issues that may have an effect on the
client in the future. In addition to describing the client’s challenges and
problems, the assessment identifies strengths and assets that are available to
provide support. For this Project you create a bio-psycho-social assessment.

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